OR State Transit Tax Setup in Vista W-2s and ORSST W/H

Oregon State Requirements in Vista - Oregon State Transit Tax and W-2s

This article is about how to setup Oregon state transit tax in Vista so that it appears correctly on W-2s and works for state reporting.

1. Setup the transit tax

Payroll > Programs > PR Deductions/Liabilities.

  • Type = Deduction
  • Calculation Category = S-State
  • Method = G-Rate of Gross
  • Rate / Amount #2 = Enter the same rate you entered in the Rate / Amount #1 field.
  • Accumulate Subject Amounts = Select this check box
  • Deduction should be called ORSTT W/H – to be put in box 14 of the federal return


  • IMPORTANT FOR W-2s – Add Aatrix Tax Type (Addl Info tab, W2 section) = 5666 (Statewide Transit Tax)

Adding the Withholding tax – example screen 

Adding the Aatrix tax code – Critical to making sure the OR state upload works  

2. Check state setup is correct for W2 Export

Go to Payroll/Programs/ PR State Information and check the state income tax is setup

Be Sure to add the State ID # 41