Restoring a Database from Production to the Test Environment

Database Restore

  • 1.       Log into the server
  • 2.       Ensure that all users are logged out by opening the Task Manager and going to the Users tab, then right-click on each user and select Sign Off
  • 3.       Copy the backup file to a location that is accessible from SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
  • 4.       Open SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), any user with admin permissions will work
  • 5.       Right-click on the database that is to be backed-up and select Delete
  • 6.       Select Close Existing Connections at the bottom of the window
  • 7.       Right-click on the Databases folder and select Restore Database…
  • 8.       In the Restore Database window, select Device and click the ellipses button on the right
  • 9.       In the Select Backup Devices window, click Add
  • 10.   In the Locate Backup File window, navigate to the backup file location and select the backup file to use, then click OK
  • 11.   Select OK on the Restore Database window
  • 12.   This process will take a while, a window will pop up when it is finished.  Click OK and the restore is done


  •          The process is the same for the VPAttachments and KDS-HRIM databases
  •          Any custom reports will need to be copied over separately