Adding MICR Bank Account Code


  1. Go to Cash Management > Data Entry > MICR Bank Account Setup
  2. Select New from the menu at the top of the page
  3. Enter the Bank Account Code
  4. Enter the Bank ABA Number which is the Bank Routing Number
  5. Enter the Bank Fraction Numbers
  6. The Bank Fraction Numbers are determined as follows:
    2. ZZZZ is the first four digits of the routing number, any leading zeros can be skipped
    3. YYYY is the next four digits of the routing number, the ninth digit is the control digit
    4. XX is the city/state where the bank is located, use the bank Headquarters location
  7. Enter the bank's name and headquarters address
  8. Select OK


For a Well's Fargo Account:

Bank ABA Number: 125008547

Bank Fraction Numbers: 110854/1250

Bank Name: Wells Fargo

Bank Address: 420 Montgomery Street

Bank City: San Francisco

Bank State: CA

Bank Zip: 94104

Useful Links

Bank ABA Prefix (See ABA Prefix Table section):


Spectrum instructions: MICR-Checks-Procedures-05182015-v1415.pdf