How to print a copy of a W-2 from Vista

The process:

  1. Go to the Payroll module > Programs PR W-2 Process
  2. Go to File Preview/Print W2
  3. Select the appropriate Tax Year in the upper left hand corner, or go to Grid view and select the year (2017 in our case)
  4. Under Print Order choose the employee's number or name
  5. Select whether you want to Preview or Print the W2 (you must choose one)
  6. Under W-2 Preview > click the button W-2 Preview to review the W-2 before printing
  7. Choose whether you want copies B, C, 2 to be printed along with the Employee W-2 > Check the Print Employee copies (copy C) checkbox > make sure State is selected > click the Employee W-2s button to print the W-2
NOTE: there are also options here to print specific  State W-2s and  Local W-2s if needed, this depending on the actual state and local requirements