Void or Delete an AR Invoice

AR Invoices that have already been posted can be deleted or voided in different ways depending on whether or not the month they were posted in is still open or not.

A. Delete an AR Invoice in an Open Month

Deleting an AR Invoice will remove all records of the invoice from the system. This can only be done if the month that it was posted in is still open.

  1. Open AR Invoice Entry and create a new batch in the same month as the original invoice
  2. Click File > Add Transaction and select the invoice you would like to delete from the F4 lookup
  3. Click Add to Batch
  4. Change the Action to D-Delete and click Save
  5. Click File > Process Batch
  6. Validate, Preview and Post the batch

B. Void (Credit) an AR Invoice

Voiding an AR Invoice can be done if the month it was posted in is already closed or if you would like to keep a record of the invoice.

  1. Open AR Invoice Entry and create a new batch in the current month, or the month that you would like to process the credit
  2. Enter "n" in the Seq # field and hit tab to create a new record
  3. Enter the Customer from the original invoice
  4. Change the Trans Type to C-Credit Memo and hit tab
  5. The ARTH_ApplyToLookup dialog will pop up. Use this to select the open invoice you would like to credit and click OK
  6. The information for the original invoice should fill in the header
  7. Tab through the fields to the AR Line and enter "n" for a new line
  8. In the Amount field, enter the amount to credit (positive) for this line. The Customer Balance for this invoice will display in the header area for reference.
  9. Click File > Process Batch
  10. Validate, Preview and Post