Process to Implement Cost Centers

To Install and Configure Cost Centers:

1. Set the company cost center status to Pending 
     a.  Navigate to System Administration - Installation - Enterprise
     b. Select the Company Tab
     c. Highlight the desired company, select Edit
     d. Set the Use Cost Centers setting as Pending
2. Set cost center security scheme 
     a. Enterprise Management - Maintenance - Cost Center Scheme
     b. Select New 
     c. Enter the preferred code for the security scheme, TAB
     d. Enter the remaining information, save.
3. Provide security to access cost center
     a. Navigate to Enterprise - Maintenance - Operator
     b. Select New 
     c. Enter the operator code for the new operator, select OK
NOTE: Use the overrides tab to allow an operator to access more/less information in a specific cost center
4. Add cost center
     a. Navigate to Enterprise - Maintenance - Cost Center
     b. Select New 
     c. Type the preferred name of the Cost Center
     d. Enter the remaining information for the cost center.
     e. Select Ok, save and close the maintenance screen

NOTE: Cost Centers are only available in Spectrum Enterprise