Scheduling a SQL Stored Procedure

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio and connect to your database
  2. In the object explorer, expand SQL Server Agent
  3. Right click on Jobs and select New Job...
  4. Enter a name for the Job
  5. On the Steps tab, click New...
  6. Give the step a name
  7. Leave the Type as "Transact-SQL script (T-SQL)"
  8. Select the Database
  9. Enter your SQL command in the Command box. This will usually be an EXEC statement
  10. Click OK to save the step
  11. Click the Schedules tab
  12. Click New... to create a new schedule
  13. Give the schedule a name
  14. Change the Frequency and Time to match the desired schedule
  15. Click OK to save the schedule
  16. If the server is configured to be able to send emails, you can set up email notifications if the job fails on the Notifications tab. This is optional.
  17. Click OK to save the Job

The SQL Server Agent job should now run on the interval you set up!