How to Request a Company Copy

If you need to create a new company in Vista, you will want to copy most of the setup data from an existing company. The only way to do this is to make a request through Viewpoint Professional Services.
  1. Create the new company in HQ Company Setup
  2. Log in to Clearview and click Services > Request Custom Services
  3. Enter your Email and phone number in the Contact Information section
  4. In the Product Information section, select Vista by Viewpoint. In Module, select Other - Vista
  5. In the Cast Type section, select Conversions of customer's business data and documents from one Viewpoint product to another Viewpoint product
  6. In the Case Priority section, select the appropriate case priority. For a company copy, normally this will be "Average"
  7. In the Case Information section, put "Company Copy" in the summary and include any details in the details section
  8. Attach the company copy worksheet.
  9. Click to accept the Terms and Conditions and then click Submit
  10. Viewpoint Professional Services will contact you and provide you with a Company Copy Survey to fill out. Normally a company copy takes 3 hours.