Installing Data Exchange

To install Spectrum Data Exchange for importing data from Excel:

1. From the site map, navigate to System Administration-Installation-Data Exchange 

2. Select New 

The New Authorization ID screen pulls up.

3. Enter an authorization ID for the user you are setting up. This will be used to identify the person importing from Excel and is required to install the Spectrum Excel plugin. 

4. Select the companies for which this operator will be importing information. Select company by highlighting the company title, then selecting the Select button so the company moved to the Authorized Companies grid. 

5. Enter the Spectrum Operator code for the user. Open the Operator Code search box by clicking inside the field and typing the F4 key. 

6. Optional: enter a memo pertaining to the operator. 

7. Select the Build button. 

8. Enter the Templates the operator will require. 

A. To enable the Operator to import for a module, choose the module from the drop-down list. Module imports must be enabled per module (it is not possible to select all at once). Select Go.
B. Enable Excel import templates by moving the template to the Authorized Web Services grid. Move multiple services at once by Shift-Clicking. 
C. After moving all desired templates to Authorized Web Services, move to the next  module by choosing another option from the Search drop-down list. 
D Click OK when finished. 

9. Select OK, the OK again. 

10. From the site map, navigate to System Administration-Utilities-Data Exchange Download

11. Enter the operator's Authorization ID, select export. 

12. Save and run the Zip file.

13. Open Excel, Navigate to the Spectrum tab,

14. Select About, enter the Service URL and Auth Id from the Data Exchange Download tab in Spectrum. The Service URL will be the URL provided in the tab, followed by :"port number"/ws

15. Test Connection.

NOTE: If there is an error in the initial Data Exchange download, it will be necessary to totally uninstall and reinstall the extension.