Entering Labor to Service Work Orders

To enter labor worked on a service work order:

NOTE: Instructions apply for Spectrum Work Orders not connected to Service Tech, or where time is not entered in Service Tech.

1.  Open the work order (must be a Site work order)

2. Select the Labor tab

3. Select New, enter the technician (F4- select technician)

4. Enter time in, time out, verify G/L Dept, and enter Task and Equipment if tasks and equipment were entered in Work Order set up. 

5. Verify billing information, enter billing code and rate. 

6. Click OK, then OK again. 

NOTE: The cost for labor will populate when the payroll is run. Use the time card history report to view with Job/Work Order the time was applied to. 

NOTE: When reviewing labor, if the Source is Entry, the labor was entered directly to the work order. Silvertrek advises to avoid this as a process.