Printing AP Checks

To print checks from Accounts Payable: 

  1. Accounts Payable-Data Entry-Payment Processing

2. Verify processing group, then select Payment Selection
    -The processing group allows multiple users to process payments at once. 

3. Verify settings in New Processing Group, then Continue

4. Verify settings, click Go

5. Select the invoices to pay. Choose the "Pay" button to pay in full, or type an amount in the Make Payment column. Select the magnifying glass for further information, such as G/L and routing information. 
    - Select Pay All to pay all displayed invoices. 

6. Select Pre-Payment Register

7. Preview, Export, or Save the Pre-Payment Register 

8. Once the Pre-Payment Register has been reviewed, close the tab. 

9. Select Print Checks 

10. Verify options, Preview Check

11. Once checks are printed/exported, close the tab and return to A/P Payment Processing

12. Select Register/Update