Entering Invoices in AP Invoice Entry

Entering an AP Invoice

  1. AP-Data Entry-Vendor Services
    1. Unchecking the Route for Approval box will result in creating a batch once invoices are entered, rather than sending to an approver.
  2. Enter invoice number
    1. Use F4 to see entered but unposted invoices
  3. Enter lines
    1. Remarks, Unit of Measure, and Quantity will post to Job Cost and Time & Materials
    2. If set up as a Direct Job Cost, the Cost Type will default from the Phase
    3. Click Save or F3

Prepaid Invoices or Credit Card Transactions

Used to print an instant check during invoice entry or to process invoices that were paid with a paper check and haven’t been entered into AP check.

  1. Enter invoice as usual
  2. Click check/credit card unpaid
  3. Fill out the fields in the pop-up box (card number, etc)

Notes: Entering a credit card transaction will create a credit card purchase register along with the transaction register.  
Can only be used when: payment for 1 invoice for 1 vendor; invoice number doesn't already exist; check date in same period as GL date; invoice doesn't need to route for approval

Tax Amount / Tax Codes

See AP Invoice Tax

Updating the Batch

Once all invoices are entered, update the batch

  1. Uncheck Route for Approval box
  2. Update-Preview
  3. Preview, export, or save
  4. In AP transaction update screen, click continue

Credit Invoices

Credit invoices will have the same invoice number as the original invoice, but a C transaction type (as opposed to the I transaction type)