+AP Aged Open Payables with Unapproved

Description: Aging of AP References (invoices). The report inputs include an aging date that is used to age the invoices in the appropriate columns, a number of days between columns for more flexibility for aging invoices, a flag to allow the user control of whether or not discounts are included in the invoice amounts, a flag for whether you want to include invoices dated after the aging date. The  'Select by Month or Invoice Date' option uses the following date inputs to allow printing of the invoices beyond the aging date as mentioned above.  Using the Month option restricts invoices posted up to the Through Month (without regards to date) whereas the Date option causes the report to only bring back transactions with invoice dates on or before the Though Date (without regards to month).  Note:  if the 'Tax Basis is net of retainage' box is checked (located on the Audit Options tab of AP Company Parameters), then the retention/holdback tax will not be included in the Hold/Retn column.  If the box is unchecked then the retention/holdback tax will be included in the Hold/Retn column. Updated: Added Pay Control Recap and Unapproved invoices have double asterisk.


  • Company
  • Sort by Vendor (S)ort Name or (N)umber
  • Beginning Vendor Sort Name
  • Ending Vendor Sort Name
  • Beginning Vendor Number
  • Ending Vendor Number 
  • Aging Date
  • Days Between Aging Columns
  • Select by (M)onth or (I)nvoice Date
  • Deduct Discounts
  • AP Pay Category (Blank for All)
  • Print Vendor Totals Only
  • Age Non-Retainage Hold Invoices
  • Pay Control 
  • Include Unapproved
  • PayControl Recap


Report ID: 10051

ReportFileName: APAgedOpenPayablesWithUnapproved