Vista Client Install

Vista Client installation must be done on new computers and after every major update. This mainly applies to on-premise installations or Viewpoint Remote Link (VRL) users.

On minor updates, the client will update itself

  1. Download the lastest Vista client from ClearView (Products > Vista by Viewpoint > Downloads). 
    The client installer will be in the 6.xx.00 folder, named VistaClient6.xx.0.xxxx.exe
  2. Save the client installer to \\SERVER\Viewpoint Repository\Downloads for future convenience
  3. Run the installer on all computers and follow the prompts
  4. The installer may prompt you to restart the computer.
  5. After the client is installed, you should see Vista by Viewpoint in the start menu
  6. Open Vista and enter the Viewpoint Server and Database Server and test logging in.