+ PR Time Card Entry


The PR Time Card Entry report prints one line per posted time card and provides the option of sorting by Employee (S)ort Name, (N)umber, (J)ob, (C)rew, or C(H)K Sort (entered in PR Employee Maintenance).  The earnings recap summarizes hours and earnings for each sort.  When sorting by job, all timecards with a job number will be included under the job, even if the timecard will not be charged to the job.  When restricting on Timecard Type, only the timecards for that type will be listed in the report.   When restricting the report for Certified Jobs, only the Job certified flag is considered.  The report is designed to print on 8.5 X 11 portrait, therefore, it contains less information than the landscape version, most notably omitting equipment usage, and may truncate some data, such as the job or phase code.  If it appears that there are duplicate lines (or lines that should be rolled together), they are most likely different posting sequences for entries made the same day. Final recap portion of the report may print on its own page depending on the amount of details returned.

Parameters List:
  • Company
  • PR Group (Blank for All)
  • Sort by Emp (S)ort Name, (N)umber, (J)ob, (C)rew, C(H)K Sort
  • Beginning Employee
  • Ending Employee
  • Beginning Employee Sort Name
  • Ending Employee Sort Name
  • Beginning JCCo
  • Ending JCCo
  • Beginning Job
  • Ending Job
  • Beginning Timecard Date
  • Ending Timecard Date
  • Beginning Crew
  • Ending Crew
  • Beginning Check Print Order Code
  • Ending Check Print Order Code
  • SM Company
  • SM Work Order (Blank for All)
  • Print by Timecard Type (M)ech, (J)ob, (Blank for All)
  • Restrict Report to Certified Jobs Only?
  • Earnings Recap for the Sort Selected?
  • Totals By Posting Date?
  • Begin Payroll Ending Date
  • End Payroll Ending Date


Report ID: 10040

Report File Name: CustomPRTimecardEntry