+ JB Application For Payment - AIA


This report prints a Summary of the Invoice including change order summary information and then prints the Contract Items on the billing. Report includes Item Number, Description of Work, Scheduled Value, Work Completed (From Previous Application) (This Period in Place), Materials Presently Stored, Total Completed and Stored To Date, %, Balance to Finish, and Retainage.

Parameters List:
  • Company
  • Processing Group (Blank for All)
  • Sort By (B)ill Number or (I)nvoice
  • Beginning Bill Month
  • Ending Bill Month
  • Beginning Billing Number
  • Ending Billing Number
  • Beginning Invoice
  • Ending Invoice
  • Include Sales Tax?
  • Tax Rate Display


Report ID: 10028

Report File Name: KartayaJBApplicationForPay.rpt