+ PM Contract Analysis Drilldown


This report is a detailed examination of PM Contracts sorted by the company specified on the parameters list with the ability to break down the information for each department contract. This report includes Contract detail (Original Contract, ACO's Interfaced, Revised Contract, Pending Change Orders, ACO's Not Interfaced, Uncommitted) (Projected Revenue and Projected Earnings), Progress detail (% Complete, % Billed, Billed to date, Received to Date, Earned Reveune, Over/(Under) Billed) (Original Cost and Projected Cost), and Payment detail (Amount Paid, Open Payables, Retention, Current Due, Unapproved Costs, Net Cash Flow) (Original Margin % and Projected Margin %).

Parameters List:
  • Company
  • (O)pen, (S)oft-Closed, (H)ard-Closed. (Blank for All):
  • Beginning Project
  • Ending Project
  • Department
  • Project Manager
  • Beginning Month
  • Through Month
  • Include Buy-Out Cost Types (ie: 2,3)
  • Show only Act Cost Contract?



Report ID: 10024

Report File Name: KartayaPMContractAnalysisDD