+ GL Simple Income Statement CM & YTD


This report displays a standard Income Statement. It runs for accounts under the company specified on the parameter screen, and will display activity from the "Beginning Month" parameter through the "Ending Month" parameter. (If "Beginning Month" is left blank, the beginning of the fiscal year will be used.)

The report can be further narrowed by the optional Part 2 and Part 3 parameters. These parameters will accept a comma-separated list of values (no spaces). Lookups are available for these parameters, but the lookups do not support multiple values.
This report requires Major categories to be properly set up on the GL Account Part 1. Specifically, each Income or Expense account that should show on this report should be assigned to a Major Category that has the Income Statement Order filled in with a value that reflects the order in which that Major Category should appear on the Income Statement. Minor Categories are available for further grouping, but are not required.
This report includes Total Revenue, Total Direct Costs, Gross Profit After Direct Costs, Total Indirect Expenses, Total Gross Profit, Total General and Administrative, Net Income from Operations, Total Other Income/ (Expense), and Net Income (Loss). This report will exclude any Memo or Header type account.
More information for setting up GL Account Parts for the Income Statement can be found under the GL help topic for Major Categories.
Parameters List:
  • Company
  • Beginning Month 
  • Ending Month
  • Part 2
  • Part 3
  • Show MTD


Report ID: 10066
Report File Name: GLSimpleIncomeStatementCM&YTD