List of known issues

4335 Vista AP - Accounts Payable -Vista 25 AP - (Design Required) - Allow option to create PPD (personal) EFT payments from AP
48868 Vista AP - Accounts Payable -Vista 17 OR 1099 Electronic file new requirements as of 2013 tax filing year . Oregon requires anyone with 10 1099s or more to file electronically
63236 Vista AP - Accounts Payable -Vista 13 Imports with errors don’t always generate an error in the Upload Error report.
67197 Vista AP - Accounts Payable -Vista 6 Payments brought in the Payment Workfile via Payment Control field not correctly displaying compliance status
67347 Vista AP - Accounts Payable -Vista 5 AP Payment Void/Clear process is reversing expected action on payment (Original Issue 64863 fixed in 6.13.3)
67242 Vista AP - Accounts Payable -Vista 4 Cannot insert the Value NULL into column ‘Phase”, table ‘Viewpoint.dbo.bAPJC’; column does not allow NULLS. Insert fails.
66785 Vista AP - Accounts Payable -Vista 3 AP Hold and Release brings in no transactions when restricting by phase with certain Phase formats
62770 Vista AP - Accounts Payable -Vista 3 AP Vendor Master F4 lookup is extremely slow
61989 Vista AP - Accounts Payable -Vista 3 DC and UT have opted out of joint filing with feds for 1099's
67466 Vista AP - Accounts Payable -Vista 1 The AP Vendor Payment History Drilldown report cannot open an attachment from a check if the vendor name has windows illegal characters and DM Attachment options are set to store attachments in a File System Root Directory.
65827 Vista AP - Accounts Payable -Vista 1 VACCTG-I-283  Would like to  change a soft warning  in APTransaction Entry-' Entering a gross amount without units could could cause problems.  For Job type items it will cause committed costs to be improperly stated.'  into a hard stop
65968 Vista AP - Accounts Payable -Vista 1 When multiple users are releasing ap retainage, bAPHR records do not get deleted
6990 Vista AP - Accounts Payable -Vista 1 Add Reviewer name and Reject reason description in the grid
67071 Vista AP - Accounts Payable -Vista 1 AP Invoice Lines are importing with a value for SMJCCostType whenever there is a value for SMCostType causing nonbillable SM Work Completed lines to have billable amout
67204 Vista AP - Accounts Payable -Vista 1 IM Import-AP imports show Upload Successful when records have errors and are not uploaded.
65925 Vista AP - Accounts Payable -Vista 0 AP Payment Void/Clear process is reversing expected action on payment
43370 Vista AR - Accounts Receivable -Vista 6 Tax on Haul shows incorrectly on AR Tax Report.
42484 Vista AR - Accounts Receivable -Vista 6 HOLD FOR ACCTG TEAM :: Report does not show GST correctly for Release Retention transactions for Australia (User Story 69638 in TFS)
66639 Vista AR - Accounts Receivable -Vista 2 In a batch posting ARBH is pulling in the wrong ApplyMth and ARTH
67578 Vista AR - Accounts Receivable -Vista 1 Unable to close AR Cash Receipts. Try to close when Seq is set to "New" and you receive "Value is not a valid number".
66649 Vista AR - Accounts Receivable -Vista 1 AR Auto WriteOff is not using the FC WriteOff GL Account when writing off finance charges.  It is using the WriteOff GL Account.
66052 Vista CM - Cash Management -Vista 1 CM Outstanding Entries will post to incorrect GL account when CM Account is changed in grid view and arrow key is used to move to next field.
67571 Vista DM - Document Management -Vista 4 6.15.0 BETA customers reporting that the drag and drop feature is broken again, unable to drag emails from Outlook to the Viewpoint form.
66182 Vista DM - Document Management -Vista 3 Large Attachment storage migration issues from Viewpoint Database to File System
67611 Vista DM - Document Management -Vista 1 Outlook 2016 crashes when the second email gets dragged and dropped to Viewpoint, (Viewpoint not crashing and the email does get attached)
64907 Vista EM - Equipment Management -Vista 23 Users cannot delete 'Init' type records from EMMR and purge will not clear them out either. When deleting equipment after purge gets: Error deleting the record:  FK_bEMMR_bEMEM_Equipment
65130 Vista EM - Equipment Management -Vista 13 When equipment has a Replaced Meter Reading system is not allowing new meter hours to be entered at a value less than the replacement meter hours.
64724 Vista EM - Equipment Management -Vista 7 Status 4 EM Batch - error Cannot insert value NULL into column WorkUnits
65039 Vista EM - Equipment Management -Vista 4 Filter bar, enter in info in a column and the cursor jumps to the Rev Breakdown Code tab.
65873 Vista EM - Equipment Management -Vista 3 Status 4 EM Cost Adjustment batch due to missing EMCostType.  Most likely due to import.
64564 Vista EM - Equipment Management -Vista 1 When importing EM Usage in IM Import with more than 1 Co the default import routine mixes up the cost type so it's not recognized as part of the category.
66198 Vista EM - Equipment Management -Vista 1 BETA: EM Work Order Update form throws two duplicate errors (Warning: Odometer entered exceeds the last Odo reading on file for Equipment. To update current reading, click the 'Meters' button.) when entering Final Current Odo
66505 Vista EM - Equipment Management -Vista 1 EM Work Order Parts Posting; If the work order is closed you get two pop up warnings that it is closed instead of just one.
66903 Vista EM - Equipment Management -Vista 1 Deleting months in EM Asset Schedule in year range of 2030-2035 it give the wrong year when you use the Red "X".  It says Delete [Month] = 11/1/1933?  instead of 11/1/2033.  The table has the correct month/year.
67630 Vista EM - Equipment Management -Vista 1 JC job cost type was not caught in validation, caused status 4 : Batch Failed to update Successfully - Phase Cost Type error in posting JC distributions
65639 Vista EM - Equipment Management -Vista 1 Grid View

when filtering for a 3 digit number with decimals

it stops filtering on the second number until you put in the decimal place

appears to happen in all modules

see attached files
10115 Vista HQ - Headquarters -Vista 12 System administer should have access to the restricted batch in HQ Batch Control
4583 Vista HQ - Headquarters -Vista 11 PF-I-366  Allow for capped limits on sales taxes
6179 Vista HQ - Headquarters -Vista 9 GL Acct descriptions on TaxCodes are not correct for Companys other than 1
66177 Vista HQ - Headquarters -Vista 1 When you've set up a HQ Company with the wrong phase group and go back to change it, it doesn't update the phase group in the  PM Company
4497 Vista HR - Human Resources -Vista 35 VACCTG-I-10 - Transfer employee data when reassigned PRCo in HR - exists in PR prevents.
47313 Vista HR - Human Resources -Vista 5 PF-I-105 - Additional reporting requirements are required for Veteran Status & Disabled Individuals
64406 Vista HR - Human Resources -Vista 3 Report 1301 HR Federal contractor Veterans Report(Vets-4212) Fails to launch for user . Preparing report appears but report never previews.
67159 Vista HR - Human Resources -Vista 1 Setting System Override on required field by checking "Value is required" and setting level to 0- No warning, allow save, still produces error message and does not allow record to be saved.
49130 Vista HR - Human Resources -Vista 1 HR to PR Initialize Check report  blank unless insurance state and unemployment state added to HR resource master in PR info
65803 Vista HR - Human Resources -Vista 1 Updating HR Resource with new department is updating PR Employee Auto Earnings value incorrectly when PR Employee is flagged to update auto earnings
63646 Vista IM - Imports -Vista 4 If the bEquip datatype has a datatype override set, imports for EMUsagePostings will fail if you try to use a cross reference.
63794 Vista IM - Imports -Vista 2 Before 6.12 the advance arrows would grey out when you got to the end of the Import ID you were scrolling through.  Now it appears they will scroll onto the next import ID in the form.
66741 Vista IN - Inventory -Vista 13 Add tracking of IN Monthly reconciliation and tie to GL month end close to ensure procedure is followed to avoid bad data in INMA and Support cases.
1213 Vista IN - Inventory -Vista 11 On Order quantities not updating correctly
43854 Vista IN - Inventory -Vista 4 EM-I-14  Need ability to automatically re-calculate Average Cost on Finished Material when it's components standard costs have changed
66323 Vista IN - Inventory -Vista 1 Post  version 6.12.0-IN Monthly Reconciliation takes a long time to complete when there are many records to cycle through.
66753 Vista IN - Inventory -Vista 1 RESEARCH - The IN Monthly Reconciliation process takes 30+ minutes for an Old Castle Company
65582 Vista INS - Installer -Vista 2 Internal Enhancement - Requesting that any installer of ours that modifies the Viewpoint database would insert a row to a standardize table for tracking purposes
65314 Vista INS - Installer -Vista 1 Error during Vista 6.13.0 db upgrade creating index IX_vSMCustomerFullText_Key_ID
66362 Vista INS - Installer -Vista 1 BETA - Vista 6.14.0 BICube installer fails to complete due to errors in cube processing or if processing takes too long
64764 Vista JB - Job Billing -Vista 18 JBIT - Amount Due not calculating correctly randomly. Causes JB Application for Payment to display incorrect Certified Amount & Current Payment Due.
62408 Vista JB - Job Billing -Vista 9 Release retainage is calculating incorrectly for Canadian Tax on Holdback / Retainage set up
392 Vista JB - Job Billing -Vista 8 ARTH does not update date from a date change in JB Progress Billing
66136 Vista JB - Job Billing -Vista 5 Deleting a progress bill does not update the previous amounts on future bills when the Automatic update is checked in JB company parameters
66023 Vista JB - Job Billing -Vista 5 Deleting a bill in JB while there is an active or interfaced bill after it, it does not update the active bill previous amount even though the automatic update box is checked in JB company parameters
63630 Vista JB - Job Billing -Vista 3 Moving a Progress billing forward to a month that includes T&M billings for the same contract will orphan the costs associated with the T&M billings
66813 Vista JB - Job Billing -Vista 2 IN JCCD any transaction with the Source SM WorkOrder does not populate on the JB job cost detail billing status report
66444 Vista JB - Job Billing -Vista 1 Receiving  - Error deleting the record. Description from DDAL: Index 11 is either negative or above rows count when trying to delete multiple lines on a JB T&M bill edit
66701 Vista JB - Job Billing -Vista 1 Every few months (seems random) lines are added in JBIT that belong to a different contract than what is in JBIN.
67423 Vista JB - Job Billing -Vista 1 JB Interface will move bills that are in a batch in certain circumstances. Causes status 4 batch with error Unable to remove InUse Flag from Bill Number. - cannot delete JBAR!
66630 Vista JB - Job Billing -Vista 1 JB Bill Header changes - after manually creating a T&M bill, the header gets overwritten and the Contract, Application and InvDescription fields are changed. This creates a mis-match between bJBIN & bJBIT.  Bill cannot be interfaced.
64876 Vista JB - Job Billing -Vista 1 Contract Amount on Item pulls incorrectly if Item is added to a billing and has a Change Order for the item to increase it's Contract Amount
47332 Vista JB - Job Billing -Vista 0 Deleting multiple bill lines at once in JB T&M Bill Lines causes an error.
49733 Vista JC - Job Cost -Vista 6 Input order works randomly when inserting a few UD fields and changing standard order.
67447 Vista JC - Job Cost -Vista 6 Adding projection detail and posting, next month comes in as A - add and you can not delete "Invalid Action!  Action must be set to 'A'", same as issue 64427 - non reproducible - See attachment
66502 Vista JC - Job Cost -Vista 6 JC Contract Profit with Change Order Report (486) reports Profit and Projections incorrectly.
45612 Vista JC - Job Cost -Vista 5 The JC Cost and Revenue Report only shows cost types 1 - 8 in the first 8 columns but if a customer's 1st cost type is say "40" and the go up from there, they only show in the last accum column.
62088 Vista JC - Job Cost -Vista 4 JC WIP - Landscape - and possibly others as well - when running for closed jobs, the first fields that ask If Closed Jobs Only - Beg Mth/End Mth, do not have any affect on data being returned.  Closed jobs are being returned when running for open as well.
67499 Vista JC - Job Cost -Vista 3 Total of JC Contract Items does not match the total in JC Contract Master as a result of a change order.
63323 Vista JC - Job Cost -Vista 3 Changed entries w/ sales tax not updating GL correctly
66096 Vista JC - Job Cost -Vista 2 JC Projection Detail does not initialize all line items, in JC Cost Projections
64697 Vista JC - Job Cost -Vista 1 PM-I-36  JC Job Copy should not be auto filling in the Tax Code in the Destination Contract from the copied job. This should come in blank and then the user should be able to have the option to fill in a tax code or not. Causing issue with contract billing
65349 Vista JC - Job Cost -Vista 1 Plugging zero in the projection detail is not updating after hitting plug detail.
65446 Vista JC - Job Cost -Vista 1 Centurion Industries running into performance issues when opening the JC/PM Contract Master, JC/PM Job Master, HR Resource Master and PR Employees
66332 Vista JC - Job Cost -Vista 1 Filter Bar in JC Cost Projections alters Projected Final Cost.
43487 Vista MS - Material Sales -Vista 6 Allows change to Units Sold and Unit Price on Payment Type C-Cash, MS Ticket Entry without updating Material Total
65420 Vista MS - Material Sales -Vista 1 The "vspIMBidtekDefaultsMSTB" Viewpoint Routine does not calculate taxes correctly.
62273 Vista OS - Operating System -Vista 1 Slow printing reports in Citrix XenApp 7.6
48920 Vista Other -Vista 19 Remote desktop Vista (Viewpoint) Intermittently crashing at login- vpmenu host exe with event log entry referencing Failure to create IPC port
64279 Vista Other -Vista 17 Sometimes, a record gets overwritten with the values of another record when modifying the record in the grid
62596 Vista Other -Vista 12 Outlook plugin errors of "RemoteHelperService.AttachmentsAccess.Ping() via Wcf" perhaps only after period of inactivity
64407 Vista Other -Vista 11 Viewpoint Services startup routine race condition where both Viewpoint Remote Service and Viewpoint Service simultaneously try to get exclusive access to VPServer.config
63658 Vista Other -Vista 10 **Waiting for 6.15/6.16 Upgrade** Vista Client intermittently crashing while preparing batch reports after SAP upgrade to version 13.0.10 with crash report referencing MFC80U.dll
65021 Vista Other -Vista 6 Viewpoint Remote Service crash event due to a file access issue to the Viewpoint Repository\bin folder while performing a checksum
4431 Vista Other -Vista 4 Customers want to be able to view the Application Log
66831 Vista Other -Vista 4 No AD user can log in to Vista, users get "Invalid login credentials. Please try again" , however SQL logins can log in to Vista
64459 Vista Other -Vista 4 Using Enter as Tab in both Purchase Order Entry and EM Work Order Edit is not working as it did in prior versions.
66935 Vista Other -Vista 3 Carriage Returns (CR) and Line Feeds (LF) are accepted in problematic fields like Job and Phase
66565 Vista Other -Vista 2 6.14 Client is unable to connect to 6.11 Vista Server
66573 Vista Other -Vista 1 User gets "Unable to open...[form]"  error messages when opening form.  This happens when searchable field(s) are setup, and the user does not have permission to the tabs (Tab security) where the searchable field(s) resides.
67425 Vista Other -Vista 1 Windows password reset on network causes issues with "Save Password" checkbox on Vista login for Windows Authenticated users.
67487 Vista Other -Vista 1 Issue 61441 has resurfaced where at Vista client launch a warning will be recorded in the Windows event log for every non-dll in the plugins directory.
66130 Vista Other -Vista 1 The Vista client will still read in values for columns related to Form Search from DDFU if Form Search is disabled for that form in DDFH causing errors
48310 Vista Other -Vista 1 Current pdf for Table Diagram contains errors and is missing information, please correct it on 6.9.0 (NOTE: This is not a task for the Documentation team. This relates to the ERWIN diagrams, which are updated by the DEVs.)
65651 Vista Other -Vista 1 McKinstry Performance Review
65874 Vista Other -Vista 0 First click into field allows copy and paste but will not calculate units x unit cost
67288 Vista PC - Pre-Construction -Vista 1 When creating project, if pointed to an existing contract in VP, the contract field does not populate in PC Potential Projects.
63350 Vista PC - Pre-Construction -Vista 1 PM-I-131  PC Potential Projects - Cannot 'Create Project' and assign it to an existing 'Open' Contract
65563 Vista PM - Project Management -Vista 65 Manually adding PCO to ACO item - throws error and does not allow save

@ApprovePOCO_SUBCO was not declared as an output parameter
48930 Vista PM - Project Management -Vista 29 AHA - Suddenly many calls coming in when creating a SubCO thru a PCO - the detail is not defaulting.  Same with Material Detail.
66572 Vista PM - Project Management -Vista 19 Adding logo to signature in PM Create & Send, receipients do not see it
2361 Vista PM - Project Management -Vista 16 Report does not accurately show Uncommitted Cost (over/under)
62590 Vista PM - Project Management -Vista 13 Auto-Approve Sub/PO Change Orders function is not Auto-Approving Subcontract or PO Change Orders
49870 Vista PM - Project Management -Vista 12 PO Workflow allows modified PO Items to exceed approval limit when previously approved
43842 Vista PM - Project Management -Vista 10 When a new subcontract is created in the subcontract detail the send to company information is not auto populated. When client goes in and selects a responsible firm the data does not save.
43575 Vista PM - Project Management -Vista 9 When using 'Send with Transmittal' in PM Submittal Register the transmittal document doesn't fill in copies and status and there is no way to edit the transmittal prior to sending.
63896 Vista PM - Project Management -Vista 7 Subcontract change orders are Auto-Approved with the Auto-Approved box unchecked. This is when approving to NEW ACO'S
114 Vista PM - Project Management -Vista 6 ((Enhancement - Create story)) Creating new SL Item from PCO, system doesn't default in a tax type or code
65574 Vista PM - Project Management -Vista 5 Cannot enter new records in PM Request for Quote. Error Inserting Record Invalid column name ColX1
46818 Vista PM - Project Management -Vista 5 PM Change Order Requests shows previously authorized contract changes which are already included in current change order request. See attached.
64598 Vista PM - Project Management -Vista 5 Tax type/code does not default when creating a New SL via the PM Pending Change Order - Issue 43248 - already fixed this once.
65439 Vista PM - Project Management -Vista 4 PM Work Center>PM Submittal Registers error:  The form is displaying records which do NOT include the selected record. Change the filtering and try again
62339 Vista PM - Project Management -Vista 4 Cannot add new item to PO in a workflow in the PM Purchase Orders form.
47087 Vista PM - Project Management -Vista 4 If the question area of an RFI has carriage returns in the format the template breaks.
63746 Vista PM - Project Management -Vista 3 PM Contract Analysis Drilldown report does not show JTD Costs correctly if running through a prior month.
65475 Vista PM - Project Management -Vista 3 Tax is not defaulting to PO Change Order created through a PCO if adding a new item to the PO.
64354 Vista PM - Project Management -Vista 3 PM Projects>Markups: Only the "Round to the Nearest Dollar" Cost types are included in the Pending Change Order Contract Amount.
66213 Vista PM - Project Management -Vista 3 PM Cost Projections take a long time to open, and update, when a large number of Projection Codes exist. Freezes or slow performance on batch
64853 Vista PM - Project Management -Vista 2 PM-I-102 Calculate projections - "write over if exceeds" option, not consistent
67169 Vista PM - Project Management -Vista 1 PM Pending Change Order form. When you send out record via PM Create and Send the Date Required field does not auto populate from the Date Sent field on the distribution tab. The help file says it will default from Date Sent.
66622 Vista PM - Project Management -Vista 1 Research - Messer is having performance problems with PM/SL
65534 Vista PM - Project Management -Vista 1 When you have Filter bar turned on, you can enter F5 in the PCO number field, no filter - not editable.
66125 Vista PM - Project Management -Vista 1 Invite to 4Projects does not work and generates error "Could not create invitation batch in 4Projects."
66063 Vista PM - Project Management -Vista 1 When using PDF in PM Create & Send, it uses a smaller font making the the information on the document to have a large margins on the right side. This is also true when reports get exported to a PDF the font used is smaller than normal.
48145 Vista PM - Project Management -Vista 1 PM Import Estimates, Timberline import routine - not recognizing/importing items from source file.
64825 Vista PM - Project Management -Vista 1 PM-I-83  System allows you to write a new subcontract with only a change order item, but will not interface.
63967 Vista PM - Project Management -Vista 1 If report parameters are set to default in the launcher, they are not doing it consistently via PM Send Documents when accessing a report.

This is causing PC's to freeze, as they are inadvertently running for all jobs etc.
64854 Vista PM - Project Management -Vista 1 PM-I-103  Calculate using write over plugged not consistent.
48933 Vista PM - Project Management -Vista 0 PM Cost Projection - via calculate or when manually overriding - the over/under column is not getting updated.
66482 Vista PM - Project Management -Vista 0 Auto approving Sub Changes created from Pending Change Order then Approval in COR
46678 Vista PM - Project Management -Vista 0 Display does not reflect amounts when creating a new SL thru the PCO process.
64101 Vista PM - Project Management -Vista 0 Creating a PO from a PCO - causing two problems.

Error is Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'RecvYN' table "VPSupport6.12.dbo.bPMMF' column does not allow nulls.  Update fails.
60574 Vista PM - Project Management -Vista 0 PM Cost Projection--Over/Under not calculating correctly for new Projection Codes/Projects
63882 Vista PO - Purchase Order -Vista 70 ERROR Message:  PO Header has not been flagged as 'In Use' by this batch. - CANNOT REPRODUCE IN-HOUSE
43314 Vista PO - Purchase Order -Vista 39 PM-I-132  PO Pending Purchase Orders - Once approved they can never be deleted or edited
65174 Vista PO - Purchase Order -Vista 39 PM-I-99  Validations when trying to modify or disallow the modification of an SL/PO in SL Subcontract and PO Purchase Order entry for an SL/PO that was created in PM.
64973 Vista PO - Purchase Order -Vista 6 User gets error "PO: xxx Seq#: x Item: x  - Batch values do not match current Item values!" when attempting to Change or Delete PO lines on a Purchase Order created via SM
4172 Vista PO - Purchase Order -Vista 5 Report does not show attachments from PO Receipts Entry
65211 Vista PO - Purchase Order -Vista 3 PO Close does not remove Remaining Commitment on PO's when tax is redirected to another Cost Type
65248 Vista PO - Purchase Order -Vista 3 On Form “IN Material Order Confirm Init” the expression in ConfirmThisTime is “^(-(?!00)\d+\.0{3,})|((?!00)\d+\.0{3,})$” works.   The same expression work on Form “PO Initialize Receipts” in Field “Received Now in Grid” doesn't work.
65334 Vista PO - Purchase Order -Vista 2 Tax type defaults on PO's created from Requisition when Tax Code is NULL on applicable Job.
43868 Vista PO - Purchase Order -Vista 2 PO Pending Purchase Order allows duplicate PO numbers to be entered if using letters - not case sensitive
65692 Vista PO - Purchase Order -Vista 1 Cut and paste from previous record in unit cost field takes 2-3 clicks to populate.  Previous versions immediate copy.
66628 Vista PO - Purchase Order -Vista 1 Field validation does not work when reverse-tabbing (shift-tab) out of a field on the form Add PO Item.
64819 Vista PO - Purchase Order -Vista 0 PO Receipt Error - PO Header has not been flagged as 'In Use' by this batch
61076 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 32 SM-I-32 - Research Issue: Why is SM Cost Type populating on My Timesheet when Customer does not have the SM Module
4168 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 24 PR - (Design Required) - Need to enter time sheets for others outside payroll group
64575 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 21 Paid Sick Leave for Workers on Federal Contracts
7040 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 19 PR - 401K employer match fails to stop at IRS annual compensation limit
65556 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 12 PR Department Labor EEO-1 Updated Report form to include Annual Salary by Thousand by Job Category
65036 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 9 Having a liability with 0.00 Subject/Eligible/Amount and Override of Amount is not updating the employee to GL/Accumulations/CM when Ledger  Update run
3765 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 9 In this form it currently holds 5 decimal places in the Rate/Amount # 1 and Rate
8476 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 9 Confirm updates not work as expected - All modules, Emp Pay Seq of most concern
5986 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 8 Colorado Occupational Privilege Tax required only in County with majority hours
6736 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 7 Key errors on Job & Employee fields when JCPM lookup on Phase field is disabled
47683 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 6 Need PRSX to pull in Earn Codes that have 0.00 processed amounts for Australia
43936 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 6 Add new Arrears fields to PREH and PREmplDL import forms
43008 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 6 User with no PR Group Security can open timecard HQBC audit attachment and see confidential wage information.  Attachment Type Security limits access but no means to assign by PR Group/Company.  Type assigned to HQ Batch Control applies to all batches.
66746 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 5 Change error message for deadlocks. Message says both "Do not attempt to post a second time contact Customer Support.. " and "Rerun the transaction"
43853 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 5 Liability is not distributing to all time cards when the type is amount or has a limit
61495 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 5 LA Unemployment File enters the Occupational Category number in position 367
62044 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 5 PR - Resident local code not calculating correctly when local code on the time card line has calculation option 1 - Full amount of posted and resident local.  Pretax is not reducing subject and eligible.
65681 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 4 VACCTG-I-326  Enhancement, not issue -Canadian Payroll does not provide any reports to ensure correctness between

PRDT and PRCAPayrollDetail, and PREA and PRCAEmployeeAccums
65661 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 3 Roth Match Liability defined on Federal Info form is calculating when there is a reversing timecard entry recorded and updating Job cost incorrectly
47517 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 3 VACCTG-I-116  Need the ability to link custom fields between PR Crew Timesheets and PR Timecard Entry and pass custom field values when sending PR Crew Timesheets to PR Timecard Entry
65294 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 3 2017 Tax Update - South Carolina
12832 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 3 F3 setting to hide EM Co, Equipment and Local fields on Info tab not saving.
1195 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 3 OT Sch Shift Overrides don't work if employee worked both shifts in the same day
47198 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 2 Craft Classes Pay Rate is not being used when PR Crew Timesheet Entry is updated from the Non-Job Earnings tab
65849 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 2 PR Crew Timesheet Entry takes a long time to load if there are more than a few hundred records in PRRH
64967 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 2 NJ unemployment deduction base wages needs to consider wages earned in other states just like the unemployment liability does.  Customer reports that PA has the same rules.
65637 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 2 ACA  If an employee/resource terminates and then is rehired, and the company is self insured, the dependents do not properly populate the Months of Coverage when initialized from HR to PR.
46844 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 2 New EFT file format required for Canadian bank CIBC - CMO division
67563 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 2 Some hours entered in SM on the Work Completed tab are showing as Regular pay type in SM. However, when the get to PR, they are ending up as Overtime hours under the OT earnings code.
66645 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 2 PR Insurance Report by Job ties up system resources and interferes 

with other programs
65101 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 1 PR Crew Timesheet Entry - Employee Hours tab.  Sorting by Name (description field) will sometimes result in the wrong name showing next to the Employee field, appears like duplicates of the same name.
3795 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 1 CAN - Bonus/tax calculation
65848 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 1 Documentation refers to running Pr Certified Reports with Liabilities for SM customer work orders, even though the report 768

does NOT have the option to choose SM work order, as the PR Certified Payroll transcript report ( report 767) does.
49819 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 1 Canada - British Columbia - July 01/2015 Tax Updates
49820 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 1 Canada - New Brunswick- July 01/2015 Tax Updates per CRA
49821 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 1 Canada - Newfoundland and Labrador - July 01/2015 Tax Updates  per CRA
60798 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 1 Canada - New Provincial tax changes for Alberta effective October 1, 2015
67061 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 1 Per user, new requirement due 8/1/17 FHWA-1391 report. See the following website for information:
67486 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 1 Deadlock errors for Austin Industries during payroll timecard entry, payroll batch processing, and other forms after updating to Vista 6.14
67450 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 1 Iowa Unemployment file does not have the Reporting Unit Number populated in the  file
49822 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 1 Canada - Yukon - July 01/2015 Tax Updates per CRA
47496 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 1 Add Job and Phase to Timecard batch created from PR Employment Termination Pay
65569 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 0 Unemployment Process for Louisiana (LA) now requires Nominal Rate of Pay reported.  Current process does not accurately calculate the hourly rate.
45631 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 0 PR - Capped codes - use ST fringe rates on OT earnings when applying cap limit
65159 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 0 PR Employee Pay Sequence record being changed from EFT or Check to X No Pay with CMRef Associated
64422 Vista PR - Payroll -Vista 0 Beta 6.13

Employee number input in filter bar does not bring up employee initially until number input is backed out then input again.
64858 Vista RP - Reports -Vista 22 Some reports error out after upgrading to 6.13 .. Parameter "JobServiceBothAll' for Report ID '13' exists in RP Report Parameters, but not in the Crystal Report
64996 Vista RP - Reports -Vista 8 Exporting to csv has changed to a format not usable or very different than before the upgrade.
47986 Vista RP - Reports -Vista 5 Exporting to *.rtf causes overlapping of data
62286 Vista RP - Reports -Vista 3 exporting reports to PDF or Word can affect the formatting of different items on the report and editing document has performance delays
65326 Vista RP - Reports -Vista 1 Internal Enhancement Only - Performance Issue with Report Name JC Unit Cost and Revenue By Pay Item \ Stored Procedure vrptJCUnitCost  - Performance appears to be related to scans on vDDDS
66331 Vista RP - Reports -Vista 1 Adding an SSRS report to a Viewpoint form and running it from the form - error Invalid URI: The hostname could not be parsed.
66355 Vista RP - Reports -Vista 1 Adding an SSRS report to a form, exports but the "attache to form" option is gone.
65999 Vista RP - Reports -Vista 1 Vista standard report returns data in Vista but not in Crystal Reports preview of standard reports
49556 Vista SL - Subcontract Ledger -Vista 1 If SL item written for units, but AP pays just dollars, committed costs are not reduced.
66190 Vista SL - Subcontract Ledger -Vista 1 Tracking: Status 4 batch due to Inactive Phase Code in JC Job Phases. Applies to PO, SL, PR, AP, etc. Batches - batch at creation of issue is an SL Close Batch
67354 Vista SL - Subcontract Ledger -Vista 1 Form search on record specific forms not working when focus is on item level.
66129 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 16 Validating an SM Invoice is a slow process
65918 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 15 SM Batches getting stuck in status 4 due to Closed Work Order/Work Order Scope - need an updated alert to prevent this problem
60826 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 9 Agreement # is defaulting in automatically on new WO's scope.
46830 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 8 Billable amount is not updating when actual cost comes in different then the projected cost for an SM Purchase Order line.
65363 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 7 SM Work Order Billing form will not allow you to check the box to bill flat price work orders.
66702 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 6 Amending Agreement is causing some strange calculations in SMAgreementRevenueDeferral.
1577 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 6 UM shows on form but not allowed entry
65561 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 5 SM Invoices allow an invoice to be voided twice in error
66051 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 4 Customer built an agreement with state tax already calculated, state rates changed, they updated it in HQ Tax Codes, the agreement is not looking to HQ Tax codes for the tax update, billing current invoices at old rate
64865 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 4 When launching SM Invoice Review from SM Agreement Billings due, 'String or binary data would be truncated' error
46467 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 4 Cannot enter a Unit of Measure for a Misc. Work Complete line.  Customers need to be able to enter a UM for things such as Hours or Miles that will flow through to show on the invoice for their customers.
64070 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 4 SM Labor lines are not going to SMMyTimesheetLink or PRMyTimesheetDetail.  Happens intermittently.
65776 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 3 Using the drop down option to enter Work Completed Misc line type - the form order isn't correct.  Not tabbing to the Cost and BIllable Fields and then gives an error when you go to those fields. Input Order is not able to be set in form.
66065 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 3 Maintenance is adding to a serviceable item when the type is not setup under the matching Class Maintenance.
64665 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 3 In SM Service Sites - new field 'Use Tax Code' does not contain any help text
66784 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 3 When you amend an SM Agreement that has been partially billed, the bill to date amounts are incorrect.
67032 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 3 "Other" Radio Button is missing in SM Customers Form ("Deliver To" field) in 6.14
67534 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 3 Inventory from mobile (MSI Data) into Vista SM WO Misc Lines coming in blank for Work Completed Inventory Lines
64120 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 3 SM Work Order header details are incorrect when launched from SM Agreement when the last WO in the grid results set is Cancelled. Also, occurs when WO is accessed from SM Work Center for specific customer.
63598 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 2 Using the search bar and enter site name,  you select one of the sites listed multiple times due to multiple contacts - you hit select it doesn't bring in the contact that you selected but the default one that is on the site.
65902 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 2 Divide by zero error when renewing an SM Agreement.    Only when Agreement Price (Billing Amount) and Tax Amount = 0.
66762 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 2 The SM Work Order form can take a long time to load if an SM Customer has a lot of Invoices due to the vfSMWorkOrderCustomerAging function
63168 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 2 Drag and drop functionality on Dispatch Board not always visible to user
67306 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 2 User is unable to add any notes to the Notes tab in an SM Agreement - saved option does not trigger, 6.13.6. Also, the user is unable to enter more than one line or close the form without leaving the Notes tab.
66103 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 2 ABM - Scrolling on the mouse stops working and jumps around - puts focus on the top of the form - lose field you are working on.
66549 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 2 Related to issue# 65344 - can't invoice a $0 billing through SM Agreement Billings Due if there is no other amount on the billing schedule
65621 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 2 Agreement Renewal is allowing changes to pricing on active agreement ,  not updating flat price split when update pricing, including agreement when renewal has been done.
64783 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 2 Select "Closed" on a scope, getting a message that asks about closing the Work Order,  hit "Cancel" on that, it still closes the Work Order.  Only occurs if there is a single scope on the Work Order.
64960 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 2 If you invoice an agreement and then amend the agreement, then go back and void the invoice on what is now the terminated revision the system will not let you invoice it again.
67276 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 2 User is not able to enter Actual Cost without using a Cost Qty and Cost Rate when creating non-billable SM Misc Work Completed lines
66652 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 1 SM Agreements; Work Schedule tab; Tax Type Override should be display only and it shows a drop down selection arrow.
66442 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 1 PO's entered through SM Work Order - Create PO - audit report is not attaching in HQ Batch Control.  It updates correctly when entered through PO Entry.
66360 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 1 Default DD Form Input Parameters for Use Tax Code Lookup in SM Service Site references the Contact Group instead of the Tax Group in HQ Company
66274 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 1 User is unable to use the 'N+Enter' shortcut to create new work completed lines in SM Work Completed Stand alone form.
66372 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 1 The filter bar on SM Customers > Invoices tab is not searchable by just entering the invoice number.  Have to add 6 or 7 spaces before the number, scroll down, or enter an "*" before it.
66201 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 1 SM Agreements -  Two places where "Enter" key is not working as "Tab" key.
65931 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 1 Sorting the columns - it is acting strangely and sometimes the value disappears.   If you have more lines, and sort on more columns, it gets worse and worse.

Display issue - The correct info still posts, and will come back if you close out
66036 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 1 When adding a division after a WO is created system is not auto-saving if using Create PO or Work Completed dropdown option on top of form - so entry is going to the wrong GL Account.
65088 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 1 If there is more than 1 Task Group assigned to Service Site/Task it doesn't recognize the 2nd Task Group - shows yellow in the Labor Allocation.
65143 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 1 When terminating an agreement it does not set the work orders to prior versions to skipped.
65093 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 1 SM Work Order Profitability Detail report duplicates work order (one without an agreement and one with agreement) when using the Group by 1 for Agreement
64503 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 1 meta-data problem vSMAgreement has no foreign key to either SM Agreement Types (see notes) and SM Task Groups.  Company Copy utility
65493 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 1 The Labor Hr budget info not appearing in the summary of the Work Order but shows in the Scope
63901 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 1 When using grouping bar in SM WO Cost Post Posting, when hit process get a "VPMenu devel program has stopped working" error.
63850 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 1 Search on SM Work Order filter how to set default to Service Site.  F3 will not work it is throwing an error.
64860 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 1 SM Work Completed filter bar is showing true or false when clicking on check boxes.
67604 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 1 Allow user to edit expiration date after it has expired.
67628 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 1 The audit for vSMDetailTransaction does not have a company or any KeyString information
67608 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 1 Changing the Date and Post Month of a previously posted work completed line - batch creates an in/out in the new month
67535 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 1 SM Work Order Profitability Detail report ignores the date parameters used when selecting the 'Last Billed Date' or 'Last Cost Date' parameter in the Date Range Field. *** Report parameter clarification is requested.
67349 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 1 When Creating an SM Agreement and hitting Automatic Scheduling for the Billing Schedule the Tax Basis generated does not reflect the Billing Amount for the final Billing Seq when penny adjustments are done automatically.
67307 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 1 User receives an error message when attempting to Deactivate a new (X.0) Version of an SM Agreement - Non-expiring active agreements cannot have overlapping terms.
67524 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 1 From the Dispatch Board, you cannot assign a Technician to a second Assignment on the SM Work Order.  You can assign it in the SM Work Order.
67428 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 1 Changing Customer on Service Site - added a Terminated Agreement but causes error when changing again - Non-expiring active agreement cannot have overlapping terms
67427 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 1 If Tax Rate is 0.00 not defaulting Use Tax Type (any type)  when entering a Misc line against a scope that MTO is setup for Use Tax and Cost Type is taxable
67374 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 1 SM Call Handler: Search does not recognize customer name with middle initial
67440 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 1 Labor Allocation Hours not transferring to SM Agreement Renewals
67240 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 1 SM Work Completed--Batch Posting failed--Invalid Batch Status!
66937 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 1 Labor Allocation Hour Updates or Amended  after the 1st of the Month are not reflected on the generated PM Work Orders for that month


Research issue pending testing from Eric V.
67184 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 1 Pulled/displaying the wrong Billable Rate under the Material Tab in SM Work Order but the Total Billable is correct
66503 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 1 Auto Renewal - not giving the option to activate when activating if there are missing task groups in months of the Task Schedule like it does when you renew through SM Agreements.
66653 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 1 BETA - When entering an AP Transaction to a SM Purchase Order the Tax Basis and Tax amount are not defaulting in  SM Work Completed once the data updates.
66497 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 0 SM Agreement Renewal Error - Divide by Zero error encountered
66281 Vista SM - Service Management -Vista 0 *** Work Order Tasking Report - not a component ***  The SM work order labor hours and Task Group are NOT showing on the SM work order tasking report.
292 Vista UD - User Database -Vista 16 Validation levels ignored on secondary validations
66392 Vista UD - User Database -Vista 8 Unable to load UD forms due to an error "Unable to load the frm UDUserGeneratedForm form. InvalidArgument=Value of ‘2’ is not valid for ‘index’. Parameter name: index."
3700 Vista VA - Viewpoint Administration -Vista 13 Move Custom Buttons option enabled w/o form administrator permissions
67488 Vista VA - Viewpoint Administration -Vista 12 Lack of attachment type security displays error 'An Unexpected Software Error was Caught' instead of a useful error indicating the permissions needed in VA Attachment Type Security.
1552 Vista VA - Viewpoint Administration -Vista 11 PF-I-132  No way to secure HR Resource Salary or Benefits under bEmployee-must use bHRRef
60925 Vista VA - Viewpoint Administration -Vista 9 Form Search functionality - appearing on PR Employee Accumulations, receiving Error Message
47580 Vista VA - Viewpoint Administration -Vista 6 PF-I-269  Unable to use Inquiries to access attachments associated with posted AP Transactions (or any batch process attachment). Users receive “An unexpected software error was caught” each time the inquiry on Work Center (WC) is refreshed.
62217 Vista VA - Viewpoint Administration -Vista 5 VA Message Archive (and vMailQueueArchive table) list a NULL for both FailureDate and SentDate when there are multiple recipients of the email and one fails leading to the inability to determine what actually occurred
65377 Vista VA - Viewpoint Administration -Vista 5 New EM Mass Location Transfer v11 form causing confusion for 6.13.01 - clean up VA Form Security
64951 Vista VA - Viewpoint Administration -Vista 5 Export or Printing generates error from VA User Profile Grid.  Unexpected Software error was caught.  The most recent action may not have completed normally.
3224 Vista VA - Viewpoint Administration -Vista 5 PF-I-49 - Users can see all scheduled changes in VA Scheduled Changes form
64859 Vista VA - Viewpoint Administration -Vista 5 Custom button does not display when clicking a tab that is associated with another form or allow to be moved when displayed on the tab.  Button disappears from the parent form when accessed from the tab record.
62732 Vista VA - Viewpoint Administration -Vista 4 Auto-toggle not working in VA Form Security for PM Send Documents form.
65078 Vista VA - Viewpoint Administration -Vista 4 6.13 added a new UserType  in DDUP of User Application yet this is not reflected in Online Help causing confusion and login errors to the Vista client. Also causing issues with SSRS and BI reports when run against protected datatypes like PR Group Security
65279 Vista VA - Viewpoint Administration -Vista 4 System overrides are not working for custom fields with the bNotes datatype when using grid view entry to add a new record.
60735 Vista VA - Viewpoint Administration -Vista 3 When using the calendar icon on a date field with a date greater than 12/31/2029, the calendar will display the date but the year will be 19XX instead of 20XX.
62133 Vista VA - Viewpoint Administration -Vista 3 Master Admin list is not clearing when VA Site Settings "Enable Security Administration".  No other user can add/remove a master admin if the master admin leaves the company.
65097 Vista VA - Viewpoint Administration -Vista 2 PF-I-223  Allow users to continue working in Vista after being  promoted to change password using Options - Change Password.
64307 Vista VA - Viewpoint Administration -Vista 2 Security group values greater than 6 digits will generate an error in VA User Profile and in VA Security Groups Users tab.  Using the VA Security Groups Users tab "Add Multiple Users" button works as designed.
65525 Vista VA - Viewpoint Administration -Vista 2 PF-I-490 - VA Data security is not observed when running SSRS Reports which use data types that have been secured.
66064 Vista VA - Viewpoint Administration -Vista 2 PF-I-404  New Attachment Viewer in 6.14 Is only showing the file name and no description when scanning directly into Viewpoint
64971 Vista VA - Viewpoint Administration -Vista 1 When the bHRRef datatype is secured but the bHRET table is not, the user cannot see the HR Resources to use the form.  "Not a valid HR Resource Number"
65947 Vista VA - Viewpoint Administration -Vista 1 Custom buttons outside the tab control do not honor input order
66308 Vista VA - Viewpoint Administration -Vista 1 Refresh button should allow form to remain on the current record instead of using the data from the last record in the table.

This is very painful to end users.
67033 Vista VA - Viewpoint Administration -Vista 1 If an import template has two ud fields with the same identifier ID you will get the following error when you try to delete the field:

"There was a problem deleting the custom field"
67034 Vista VA - Viewpoint Administration -Vista 1 This error needs more detail - "There was a problem deleting the custom field"
67136 Vista VA - Viewpoint Administration -Vista 1 VA Inquiries does nothing when updating columns in a dispatch inquiry.  Columns are not updated and cannot continue creating inquiry.
67286 Vista VA - Viewpoint Administration -Vista 1 Custom Inquiry with nested custom view, does not render data as expected.
65234 Vista VA - Viewpoint Administration -Vista 1 VA inquiry to a ud table with attachments, does not show attachments in work center related items.
49447 Vista VA - Viewpoint Administration -Vista 0 Users get Unexpected Software Error if they hit the Esc key in VADDUP
61000 Vista WC - Work Centers -Vista 9 PM Work Center Reports no longer default to the Project that is in the WC focus.
64771 Vista WC - Work Centers -Vista 7 First login to Viewpoint, Project Manager Work Center:  Project Manager filter options are based on the first Company in the Company list versus the Company that is focused on.
66384 Vista WC - Work Centers -Vista 6 The filter bar in the Work Center will not clear and requires a reload of the work center.
46699 Vista WC - Work Centers -Vista 4 Using VA Inquiries, Columns, to adjust the order does not work after an inquiry has been assigned to a PM Work Center (WC).
49695 Vista WC - Work Centers -Vista 3 PM Firms from PM Work Center: Cannot create new item. User receives error message, "Unable to load the <Co#> PM Firms for <company name> form. Syntax error: Missing operand after '-' operator."
66200 Vista WC - Work Centers -Vista 1 Pending Change Orders in a Workcenter does not honor the company selection in the Workcenter when searching for Contract Items
66735 Vista WC - Work Centers -Vista 1 When creating a new PM Location from a Project Management Work Center user gets the error 'You must enter a value for the Project column. Record will not be added'
63354 Vista WF - Workflow -Vista 12 Approved PO's remain in My Documents to Review
65617 Vista WF - Workflow -Vista 3 Notifier query using the function ROW_NUMBER in a subquery causes an error "The function 'ROW_NUMBER' must have an OVER clause with ORDER BY.
64577 Vista WF - Workflow -Vista 3 New WF Notifier produces error and does not point to the real problem.
65025 Vista WF - Workflow -Vista 1 PF-I-210  Users should have the ability to change the "From" or reply email on multiple WF Notifier Jobs - independent of other notifier jobs.
63928 Vista WF - Workflow -Vista 0 **Duplicate of 63964** Notifiers failing if a CRLF is in the select statement of the notifier query with message "Invalid length parameter passed to the left or substring function"
48436 Vista   1 PF-I-154  Implementing customer requires the ability to hide the SIN and Pay Rate field from certain team members with access to Employee Master. This is required for the implementation and not something Data Services is able to customize.
48496 Vista   1 The 6.9.0 Install Wizard you test the user's SQL login to make sure they have the correct sa password or that the login has correct SQL credentials before starting the 6.9.0 update, if not, it should exit the update before starting it.