Delete an AP Transaction

To delete an AP Transaction, the period (month) that the transaction was originally posted in must still be open.

How to Delete an AP Transaction

  1. In the AP module, under Programs, open AP Transaction Entry
  2. Create a new batch in the same month that the original invoice was created in
  3. From the File menu, select Add Transactions
  4. Use the lookup (F4) on AP Transaction # to find the invoice you would like to delete
  5. Select the transaction and click OK
  6. Click the checkbox to Mark Added Transactions as "Delete"
  7. Click "Add to Batch"
  8. Click Yes when it asks if you would like to include all lines
  9. Click No if you do not need to add another invoice
  10. Verify that the action is set to D-Delete
  11. Click File > Process Batch
  12. Validate, Preview and Post