+ GL Balance Sheet Detail

This report displays a standard Balance Sheet. It runs for accounts under the company specified on the parameter screen, and will display activity from the beginning of the fiscal year through the "Through Month" parameter.
This report requires Major categories to be properly set up on the GL Account Part 1. Specifically, each account that should show on this report should be assigned to a Major Category that has the Balance Sheet Order filled in with a value that reflects the order in which that Major Category should appear on the Balance Sheet. Minor Categories are available for further grouping, but are not required.
The Current Year Retained Earnings section is an accumulation of the accounts that appear on the Income Statement. Specifically, it is those accounts that have a Major Category with Income Statement Order filled in.
This report will exclude any Memo or Header type account.
The report rounds amount to the nearest whole dollar. Because of this, discrepancies may appear between the amounts displayed and their calculated totals.
More information for setting up GL Account Parts for the Balance Sheet can be found under the GL help topic for Major Categories.

Updated Report: Remove zero-dollar balances and added a logo.