Posting AR for payment Received Prior to Invoice Month

  1. In Vista>Cash Management>Programs>CM Outstanding Entries, create a new CM outstanding entry in the month that we received and deposited the payment
  2. Use CM Account 101 (Checking), the type should be deposit, and the GL account is 272 - Customer Deposits. 
  3. The CM reference number can be today's date. The date should be the date we deposited the payment. 
  4. The description should be " *Customer* Prepaid *Prepaid item description* ". (Example: "Customer Name" Prepaid June Bookkeeping)
  5. Attach the check image to this entry before processing

  6. Process this entry
  7. AR Cash receipt in month of the invoice date - transaction date is invoice date
  8. Make sure the check # and check date match the actual payment
  9. CM account is 272 (customer deposits)
  10. Deposit number can be the date funds were deposited
  11. Apply to invoice as normal
  12. Attach check before processing