Custom Timecard Lookups in Keystyle

Custom Lookups

Lookups can be customized in Keystyle by customizing the lookup in PR Timecard Entry

  1. Create a custom lookup in UD Custom Lookups
  2. Set the load sequence to 0 in PR Timecard Entry 

Lookups with a Custom View

If your custom lookup uses a SQL view that you created, it will initially not work in Keystyle. You will need to create a synonym to the custom view in the Keystyle Database.

  1. Follow the instructions above to make the custom lookup work in Vista
  2. Add an entry to the Keystyle "CustomViewsToInclude" table:

INSERT INTO [CustomViewsToInclude] (ObjectSchema, ObjectName, KDSSynonymName, IsStandardObject)
VALUES ('dbo', 'myCustomView','myCustomView',0)

In Keystyle>Admin>Portal Settings>Portal Info in the Administrative Actions section, run "Refresh Synonyms."