Installing SSRS Reports on Viewpoint Vista

Upload the report to SSRS

1.       Transfer the SSRS reports to be installed to the server using Dropbox, Github, or by Copying the .rpt file from your local machine and Pasting it to the server.

2.       Open Internet Explorer and navigate to http://localhost/Reports

3.       Create VCS/Custom/Silvertrek folder if it doesnt exist

4.       Install reports into this folder by clicking Upload File

5.       Click Browse by File to Upload and navigate to the .rpt file. Click Open.

6.       Give the report a name and check Overwrite item if it exists if applicable

7.       Click OK to upload the report

Verify SSRS Data Source

8.       After uploading a report, the Data Source may need to be changed to work on the customers system.

9.       Click the dropdown by the report you uploaded and select Manage

10.    Click the Data Sources tab

11.    Select A shared data source and click Browse

12.    Navigate to /VCS/Standard/Viewpoint and click OK

13.    If the customer is using Data security and it affects this report, create a new data source in the VCS/Custom/Silvertrek folder that uses Windows Integrated Security

14.    IMPORTANT! Click Apply at the bottom of the Data Sources tab

SSRS Report Security

15.    SSRS security should be set on the VCS folder if possible. Click the dropdown on the VCS folder and select Security

16.    If the customer is NOT using Trusted Connection logins, make sure all users that need to access reports have Browser permissions. To give all users access, use the BUILTIN\Users Role.

17.    SSRS report security can also be set on the Silvertrek folder or each individual report, but this is highly discouraged. If the customer needs this level of security they should instead use Trusted Connection logins which will sync security settings from Vista to SSRS.

Installing SSRS Reports in Vista

18.    In Reports/Programs, open RP RS Server

19.    Create report server in Vista RP RS Server

a.       Name: RS

b.       RS Server: hostname of report server

c.       Report Server Directory: ReportServer

d.       Report Manager: Reports

e.       Sync Security: Yes

20.    In Reports/Programs, open RP Report Locations

21.    Create RP Report Location

a.       Location: RS_STS

b.       Location Type: UNC Network Path

c.       Report Path: VCS/Custom/Silvertrek/

d.       RS Server name: RS

22.    Add Report in Report Titles

a.       Report ID: Next available ID greater than 10000

b.       Application: SQL Reporting Services

c.       Report Location: RS_STS

d.       FileName: Name of SSRS Report from step 6 above

e.       Title: Name of Report to display in Vista

23.    Click Update Parameters. Select Reset Parameters and click Update

24.    Set Defaults in RP Report Parameters. If a parameter requires a lookup, make sure the Datatype is set properly.

25.    Set the Assigned Modules

26.    Set Report Security in VA Report Security

a.       Report security settings will depend on the customers requirements and may be best set by the customer. You will probably want to give access to the report to your user.

b.       To give access to all reports to a single user, configure VA Report Security as shown in this screenshot: