Kartaya Leave Terrace Front-End Use Instructions (User Database Module)


Out of the box, Vista does not offer any means for the system to automatically update or even track accrual rates for employees based on years of service.  The most common scenario is after x number of years an employee accrues leave (Sick, Vacation, PTO, etc.) at some rate/hour or fixed amount per pay period.  For example, employees may receive 1-week vacation therefore their first year of employment, 2 weeks after three years employment, and 4 weeks after six years employment.  This customization allows Vista users to configure leave tiers and automatically update the accrual rates for any configured leave code during payroll process.


  1.  In Payroll --> PR Leave Codes Configure the leave code as normal.  Enter an accrual-type (either 'Rate of Earnings or Hours' or 'Fixed Amount') and UM of HRS if this is a 'Rate' type accrual OR 'Fixed Accrual Units and Frequency' for 'Fixed Amount' type accruals.  *(Note that depending on the system configuration the Accrual type may not be visible if this is the case entering the Rate/Amount is all that's needed and the other information will be populated automatically)
  2.  In the leave tiers tab of PR Leave codes, enter the desired tiers and the associated accrual rates.  In the example below employees will accrue 1 week of vacation time for their first year of employment, two weeks of vacation after their first-year employment, they will receive 4 weeks after four years of service.  *(Calculated using a 2080 hour work year).  If A default rate is required enter it on the Accrual/Usage Info tab.
  3. The 'Initialize Employees' button can be used to apply the leave code to all employees, or the employees can be configured manually if that is not desired.  If the employee(s) are already visible in the employee leave tab this can be skipped.  If not, employees initialized for a leave code will appear there.  *(note that this WILL NOT apply the Leave Tier Rates, but is prerequisite to accruing/using leave)
  4. The rates can be applied in two different ways.  Note that both an earning code in must be configured as an 'A'ccrual type in the Accrual/Usage tab of PR Leave Codes and a Hire Date must exist in PR Employees.  If either of these fields does not exist, no updates will occur.
    1. To an entire company in PR Auto Accrual/Usage by pressing the 'Apply Leave Tier Rates' button.
    2. To an individual employee in PR Employee Leave by pressing the 'Apply Leave Tier Rate' button:In both cases, a popup will appear indicating how many employees the leave was applied to.  For rate based accruals a record will be created in the Accrual/Usage Overrides tab of the PR Employee Leave form above.  For leave codes that accrue at a fixed amount per frequency, the 'Fixed Units Override' Column in PR Employee Leave will be updated with the new Amount (the Grid/Info Tab above).
  5. Once the rates are applied, PR Auto Accrual Usages batches that are created will use the rates configured in the leave tiers that were configured.
  6. If there are employees that need to be exempted from the leave tiers, the 'Disable Leave Tier' button can be checked in the bottom left of PR Employee Leave.

Overriding the employee's years of service (Optional)

Sometimes a new hire or another employee may need placed in a different tier (usually a higher one) based on their agreement with the employer. But you don't want to change their real Hire Date to reflect their tier. The override takes place in PR Employees in the Add'l Info tab in a custom field labeled as Adjusted Leave Start Date:. If you put a date of any time period in here it'll be used to determine the years of service, instead of the Hire Date.